Hello There!

Hello lovely human, I'm Sarah (she/her), the person behind Acid Witch Designs, and I'm so glad you're here! I'm a queer artist & crafter living in Dublin with my partner and our three cats:


Showed up in our back garden 9 years ago and never left.



Our beautiful spicy boy from the DSPCA.


and the baby, Goose.

Our Covid baby found in a gutter with his mama.

I've always been a visual artist, drawing and creating since I was little. Over the years it's taken on many forms (comic artist, burlesque artist, general dabbler) but my passion always kind of comes back to making things I love that make others feel good too; portraiture, jewelry and I've now been lucky to see dogs and cats get very excited over things I've made too. It all genuinely warms my heart and I feel very grateful for it all.

I make Art and Adornments for both humans and pets - catering mostly to dogs & cats, and sometimes rodents.

At the heart of my business is inclusion, creativity, care, sustainability and a healthy dose of smut. My first and truest love will always be art and portraiture but I have since added jewelry crafting and sewing anything I can.

I'm a queer/Pan/Bi+ Gemini from North Dublin, currently living on the South Side. Along with this business, I also work part time in a fabric shop. I love to work with charities and fundraisers, often donating proceeds to causes such as animal welfare, LGBTQIA+, sex workers.

This business is Anti-Animal Exploitation (Greyhounds & Galgos, Horses).


If you have any queries, or just wanna say hi, please get in touch on here or Instagram where I'm usually hanging around.