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Doggy Breath | Wax Melt

Doggy Breath | Wax Melt

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These pet safe wax melts as pet safe as you can get. They are the perfect addition to a cosy home. They are made wiyh soy wax and scented with Peanut Butter and smell like the sweetest cookies have just been baked.

Recommended use with a mug of hot chocolate, a Netflix binge, ear scratches and some enrichment feeding.


Each pack contains a snap bar with 5 blocks, perfect size for popping into your melter.


These vegam wax melts were expertly made for AWD by Wickcraft & Wickery

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How to use the melts:

Break off a square or two into your wax burner or melter. These melts are highly scented and can fill a room easily so this is purely personal preference and dependant on the room size. Each melt can be reused several times, until the scent has completely disappeared.



  • It's recommended to limit melt time to four hours at a time.
  • Please don't leave your burner/melter unattended. Even without an open flame, the melter wax could cause injury to children/pets.
  • The melts look and smell cute, please keep out of reach of anyone who may eat them accidentally. 
  • Some oil burners are not safe for melting wax in. Please ensure your burner is fit for this use.
  • Ensure the room is ventilated and your pet is able to leave the room if they desire to.


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