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Lindsay @rollinwithlindsay_

Lindsay is a fat activist, a public speaker, content creator and Instagram educator. She is also a successful producer following her debut online show, Big Fat Burlesque Show, earlier this year. She is the epitome of fat, fierce, feminist!

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Eleanor @eleanorrose_xoxo

Eleanor describes herself as "thicker than a bowl of oatmeal". She is a SWer with a passion for dressing up and making stunning content. Eleanor is both an unapologetic artist and a piece of art. She is a beautiful Brat.

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Ruby @chr0nicallycute

Ruby is a disabled, bisexual, sex positive activist. She is the co-founder of Januhairy (a movement to normalise body hair), creator of Chronically Cute Cards, co-creator of Chronically Cute Shop, a Global Brand Leader with InvisiYouth as well as SO much more! 

Photo credit @eleanorwade007

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Luna @themtiktoks

Luna is the Tickin' Time Bombshell of the burlesque world. They love to play with gender, with their gorgeous Drag persona, Roman. They are also just one of the most completely beautiful humans on the planet, right down to their big Bruja heart.

Luna is a once in a Blue Moon kinda magic. 

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So carefully packaged, a lot of effort and care and precision went into the preparation of this box. Having it cleansed before it arrived was a bonus as I felt so calm and clear when opening it.


Absolutely love the gorgeous, tactile items I got from you, always a conversation point! Adore!


I purchased a pair of gummy bear earrings, they were super cute and beautifully made.

P. M.

I've ordered from Acid Witch Designs and each time has been a pleasure! She strives to make all pieces accessible & inclusive, which is awesome to see. Can't recommend enough. 


L-R: @aishlingo_neill, @aliceapparently (Photo @grandgareth), @missmarlenemae, @wandavonweird