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Locket Portraits

A sweet new portrait style available.

One portrait ....... €25

2 portraits .......... €40

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Join the Noodle Appreciation Society!

Order these Noodles on a tee or sweatshirt through Everpress 🍜

Now available as a Hound Tee from Bracken & Paws.

  • Sustainability

    I aim to work with good quality materials to ensure the longevity of my products, as well as offering repairs. I try to keep any packaging recyclable and biodegradable and use minimal plastic packaging only when necessary. As much as I can, I source local suppliers and love to support other small businesses.

  • Inclusion

    This business is pro-LGBTQIA+, sex workers rights, animal welfare and anti-racism, fatphobia, ableism, animal exploitation. I often raise funds for many of these causes through the Intention Shop. I love to make folx feel good about themselves and strive to cater to a range of needs (eg sizing, accessible jewellery clasps).

  • Intention

    At it's root, everything here is handmade or hand drawn, with hours of work poured into each collection. I try to keep my passion and process in mind as I work to maintain a level of care in each piece - I like each order to feel like a gift. This is a business but I never want to lose the enthusiasm that brought me here.