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Custom | Valentine's Snugglies

Custom | Valentine's Snugglies

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Fashounds can stay cosy with these tees with front sleeves.  These tees are made from either cuddle or polar fleece They're ideal for chilly walks and flaking out on the sitting room floor.  

  • These slip over the head. Adjustments can be made for ease of wear - ie. added snaps on the sides.
  • Leave a note at checkout with any extra details, along with the measurements and your fabric choice.
  • You can choose one fabric for the body and trim, or two different ones for a fun contrast.
  • When choosing your dog's size, if they fall within 5 cms either side of the guidelines, feel free to choose the cheaper option - eg. dog is 78cm long, you can choose Medium.
  • Snoods also available, you can choose one or two fabrics for these too. Leave measurements at checkout. A hole for the lead or a drawstring can be added upon request.

I cannot track the fabric easily on this platform so my apologies in advance if you choose a fabric that has been sold out. I will keep this updated as fabric is used. 



Care instructions:

Machine washable to 30'. Please hang to dry. 

Please allow up to 2 weeks for fulfillment.


Beautifully modelled by Squid.

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